Channels & AI

There’s a shortcut for greater results:
with more turns than you could imagine.

You could have gone anywhere in the web and yet, here you are, and we’re glad you are. We at Channels & AI get our kicks from taking all the other people to their desired places, via carefully chosen, maintained and measured paths.

An effective digital marketing strategy most often includes the major channels and platforms, but we push ourselves to find paths no one has taken before — and turn them into highways. When it comes to choosing the media for your message, we believe that the only thing automatic should be Machine Learning, and the right place for that is usually later on, just as in this text.

New can be found in familiar places too. Take search engine optimization, where a new keyword can be found by changing the lock. We treasure the big picture as well as the details.

Publish. Refine. Repeat.

Picking the channels is just the first step. Enter optimization. Digital routes are the only ones where constant and massive roadwork smoothens the journey.

There can’t be an effective channel strategy anymore without fully committing to goals and adjusting the course when needed. Starting with the forecasts, we monitor progress and measure success all the way. This gives room for insights and enables improvements, finally seizing full potential for results.

No matter how much we stress it, you’ll still be surprised how far we go to get your client close to you. If we don’t take something into account, machines will.

Human and a machine, a match made in data

As a subset of Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning is a method for data-driven decisions, where algorithms cannot work without heart rhythms. A machine can learn when a human knows how to teach. The data that algorithms use to complete a task as well as the task itself are both hand-picked.

For example, first, we collect, evaluate and select the most relevant conversion data. Second, we feed the data into a marketing platform, such as Google Ads. Now the algorithms can utilize the data to reach the most potential clients –– and get better at it while they do. Next, we examine the outcomes, re-evaluate the task and take it from the top again.

Just like in everything we do in Generaxion, it’s the balance between stopping to evaluate and pursuing your goals that makes the difference.