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Generaxion is a digital agency for the future of performance.
We help companies grow and perform now.

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performance now

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We combine digital superpowers to help companies perform in a world where marketing performance knows no borders.

Strategy & Insight

market, we can co-create new goals and ways to get there. The answer may be a new online service strategy or an unforeseen business model.

Marketing & Media

We maximize attention, traffic and revenue in the right channels via means of media planning and optimization. The world is full of old wisdom, but we prefer the authentic and verified kind. When machines learn together with people, we can explore undiscovered market areas as well as ideas.

Platforms & E-com

We pride ourselves on designing online environments that tend not to leave abandoned shopping carts behind. We open the door from the physical world to the virtual one, giving you the keys for new domains.

Branding & Content

We provide the means for your products and services to be favoured today and tomorrow. Our solutions range from graphic design and social media content to differentiating brand strategies that concretize how to be relevant, resonate and drive results consistently.

Digital marketing for
future performers


There’s no reason not to take the lead right away. Get off to a good start with digital marketing tailored to your needs.


Increase your company’s visibility without compromising daily operations. We ensure you can keep your hands on the wheel.


Strategic marketing that works. We identify the digital marketing initiatives needed to grow your business.

Larger companies

Complex solutions. Our specialists and advisors are ready to deliver the digital solutions your business needs.

Know what’s next

With data to guide us, we bridge now and next,
helping you move towards your dreams with eyes open –
one click, call, and conversion at a time.

We’re redefining digital performance
for the next generation

Let’s help imagine what’s next for you