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of digital marketing

The rules of the game have not changed, but the game has. Everyone is on the same starting line to be noticed, selected and preferred. And the race is run again
every day.

Demand. Multiplied.

Perceptions of result-driven marketing are about to be reformed. Generaxion was born when a group of Northern European digital marketing companies found a common path.
We hold proven track records in clients’ expanded market shares and expertise in a multitude of industries, gained from serving 8.000 companies across Northern Europe and counting.
Our over 350 Demand Drivers constantly exchange their knowledge, ideas and insights in order to hit and exceed our clients’ targets.

Our services

Insight & Strategy

Time to adjust or to transform? Based on rigorous data analysis of competitors, consumers and the market, we can co-create new goals and ways to get there. The answer may be a new online service strategy or an unforeseen business model.

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Platforms & Automation

We pride ourselves in designing online environments that tend not to leave orphaned shopping carts behind. We open the door from the physical world to the virtual one, giving you the keys for new domains.

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Channels & AI

We maximize attention, traffic and revenue in the right channels via means of media planning and optimization. The world is full of old wisdom, but we prefer the authentic and verified kind. When machines learn together with people, we can explore undiscovered market areas as well as ideas.

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Content & Branding

We provide the means for your products and services to be favoured today and tomorrow. Our solutions range from graphic design and social media content to differentiating brand strategies that concretize how to be relevant, resonate and drive results consistently.

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Because your personnel or their time can’t be multiplied

The ecosystem of demand-driving services that we offer is exceptionally comprehensive in the Nordics. The means and teams for thriving in the ever-changing digital terrains are within your reach, directly from one provider. This not only improves your results but also saves time and efforts necessary to coordinate your operations.

All of the services in our X-platform can be synched to drive a common goal: yours.It is not a rare occasion where this coordination of actions has led to multiplied demand.

We generate action, not campaigns

As ambitious for your results we are, the size of your company doesn’t matter. The size of your dreams does. The rules of the game have not changed, but the game has. Everyone is on the same starting line to be noticed, selected and preferred. That race is run again every day, so instead of solitary efforts, sustaining success calls for non-stop evaluation and commitment.

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