What we did: Google Ads, SEO, SoMe Ads, Website

Drømmerejser has a clear mission: to make Danes’ travel dreams come true. A mission that requires a strong digital strategy, which should increase online visibility and send more travelers off on their dream trip.

From travel dreams to dream trip

In an industry that is primarily digital and moves at high speed, Drømmerejser stands out and prioritizes differently. The company is 100% Danish-owned, and is based on close, personal advice and service, so that they ensure that all travel dreams are fulfilled.

Good service is paramount. Therefore, the whole team travels a lot, so that it is possible for them to give authentic advice and share the best pearls from all over the world with their customers.

The many trips and many years of experience in the travel industry mean that Drømmerejser has a wide selection of travel destinations and options in both East and West. White bounty beaches as well as active holidays can be made a reality by Drømmerejser.

One digital strategy

With a desire to create greater online visibility and bring in more customers, we started a digital strategy that includes SEO, Google Ads and Meta Ads with a particular focus on highlighting Drømmerrejser’s special destinations.

If we look at the past 3 months compared to the same period in 2023, the numbers are increasing:

29 %increase in ordered travel offers

17 %increase in booked travel offers.

… without raising the conversion price.

The primary focus of Meta Ads was to generate more leads in form of website visitors who sign up to receive a travel offer.

Through effective targeting, based on collected data, we have, through Meta advertising, collected 1.332 leads and 2.955 subscriptions to the newsletter since the start of the collaboration.

Before the collaboration begun, Drømmerejser had 80 leads. After the first year of cooperation, we had obtained 549 leads through advertising.

Customer-oriented service

If you want to be able to catch up with the established canons of the travel industry, you are forced to offer something very special. With their customer-friendly service and strong knowledge of the destinations they offer trips to, Drømmerejser focuses on a unique positioning. This made it possible to create a positive digital development in a market that is otherwise strongly dominated by the big players.