Dulong Fine Jewelry

What we did: Affiliate, Google Ads, SoMe Ads, Video

Exclusive expression for a quality-conscious target group

At Dulong, they wanted marketing material, that lived up to the brand’s exclusivity. The videos, which are a processing of existing visual material, are to be used on the social platforms and are aimed at the quality-conscious woman. She who understands the unique expression and quality of the products. Because Dulong is jewelry that you carry with you for the rest of your life.

See examples of videos here:

A digital shop window

Previously, Dulong’s advertising pointed exclusively to the webshop and online sales. With clear USPs (unique selling points) and an emphasis on always being top of mind with the ‘digital’ target group. But Dulong also wanted people to come down to the shops. Today, the videos are therefore supported by text that shows the way and encourages physical visits.

The new product films have been cut together to create brand awareness and invite the customers inside via SoMe. And with a tone of voice that matches Dulong’s, the messages are told in line with the rest of their marketing.

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