What we did: Brand concept, Display ads, SoMe Ads, Video, Website

When growth leads to a Nordic branding campaign and identity-rich website. On the back of a strong development, the time was perfect for a new Nordic website, the company’s biggest campaign ever and a comprehensive design lift for the international consultancy ECIT.

Nordic campaign – Nordic platform

From a small group of employees in 2013, to 2,300 employees spread across 10 countries – and to now being listed on Euronext Growth in Norway. ECIT specializes in finance, IT, and business systems solutions, and it would be an understatement to say that it has created success.

ECIT’s organizational structure and large number of locations have meant that all digital branding and marketing efforts had to be conceived and developed so that they could be divisional and language versioned in a streamlined, practical, and brand-supporting manner.

A website with everyone in mind

As a large company with several divisions, it was important that all parties could recognize themselves and their work on the website. Rommel, a part of the Generaxion Group, was therefore responsible for the design and development of a modern and business-optimized website.

Thanks to an effective workshop at the start of the process, and close communication between all parties, the result was a complete web design with the whole company in mind. Optimized for both mobile and desktop.

From website to campaign and branding material

The completed brand must be found in everything that represents a company. From offices, websites, to films, advertisements, recruitment, digital backgrounds, and the PowerPoint presentations used in meetings.

1 Nordic brand concept

1 visual identity

1 brand film

54 video assets for divisions and advertising

84 display banners

6 roll ups for fairs etc.

1 powerpoint template

20 digital visual assets

1 video CVI

1 video Employer template

Presentation material

1 annual report design concept

When professional video needs to be made easy

When a creative project is based on growth, it is important that the lifespan is long and that the everyday works for the customer. That’s why we designed a video CVI for ECIT: a toolbox of prefabricated CVI-driving video elements. These “building blocks” make it possible for ECIT to produce video material internally – without losing the quality level and CVI on the floor.

The strong collaboration

The key word in the collaboration with ECIT was “reciprocity”. Mutual professional respect and willingness to challenge each other in a productive and positive way.

The close dialogue, from idea development to finished products, is the way to any successful collaboration. And the work with ECIT is a clear example of that.

We are a complex company with many different services and products within payroll and accounting, IT and business systems. So, with projects of this size, it is important that the collaboration runs smoothly. Both in terms of deadlines, but also in terms of work chemistry. Throughout the entire process, Generaxion has shown both thorough understanding of us as a company, openness to small and large changes in direction – and a general proactivity in all parts of the work. This has been noticeable, both in terms of efficiency and results.

Marcus Birk, Head of Marketing (ECIT)