Ericsbergs Slott

What we did: Video, Website

Aesthetics, history, pride. How exactly do you do digital marketing for a castle? You do this with a website with a focus on elegance, films that show the castle in all its splendor – and a thorough understanding of the history behind one of Sweden’s finest baroque castles.

Memories in spectacular surroundings

In the middle of Eastern Sweden’s Södermanland lies Ericsbergs Slott: a magnificent and well-preserved Baroque castle dating back to the 17th century. The castle, which is surrounded by a baroque park, lake, and forest, creates the perfect location for beautiful and unique experiences of a lifetime: weddings, conferences, visits to the castle café or just a stroll around Ericsberg’s park.

You are not in doubt when you visit Ericsbergs Slott. But you shouldn’t be in any doubt before either. Therefore, the first digital meeting with Ericsbergs Slott had to give the impression that was completely in line with reality. We did this through films that get close to the castle – and a website that digitally welcomes you to a unique experience.

Discover the website here.

Aesthetics and digital interaction

Both film and website had to have two important focal points: the castle and the good story. It was about digitally opening the doors to the historic location – before the physical visit is even planned.

The brand film therefore takes you on a tour through the castle, its history, and the area’s facilities, such as museum, greenhouse, café and more. In addition, cuts have been produced, each gets closer to specific Ericsberg experiences.

The unique architecture and the beautiful surroundings also stand out clearly on every part of the new website, while visitors are taken through all facets of Ericsbergs Slott’s over 500-year history. And the moment you visit the website, you are greeted by clips from the brand film, showing Ericsbergs Slott in all its glory.

The digital takes up more and more space – also for us. But with Ericsberg Slott’s long history and very special atmosphere, it was alpha and omega that none of it was lost. It was not an easy task. But Generaxion helped us get both beautiful and in-depth films about the castle – and a digital platform to go in depth with everything that Ericsbergs Slott has to offer. A close and super good collaboration, with results we can be proud of.

Caroline Bonde (Ericsberg Slott)