Go Hotels

What we did: Brand concept, Digital Strategy, Google Ads, SEO, SoMe Ads, Video, Website

With the ambitions in place, Go Hotels was ready to take the next step with their digital performance. In collaboration with Generaxion, the focus was a strong digital strategy and effective content, which should help to position Go Hotels as the guests’ favorite affordable hotels.

”Easy, fast, comfortable”

In 2012, the first Go Hotel was established: Go Hotel Copenhagen. The first hotel, which later developed into Go Hotels with the slogan “Easy, fast, comfortable”. And that was exactly what they wanted: to create easy, accessible, and comfortable accommodation in modern surroundings. 

They currently have 579 rooms in 5 hotels. All Go Hotels are hotels that have been renovated so that they live up to Go Hotels’ standards and design. The hotels can be found in and near Copenhagen, and the latest addition is Go Hotel Herlev, which is undergoing a complete renovation in 2023-24, so that the rooms, reception, function rooms, courtyard and conference rooms match the design standard of the other hotels.

The guests’ Go-To-hotel  

Go Hotels is a fast-growing hotel chain that aims to become guests’ preferred choice when looking for affordable accommodation in Copenhagen. And in addition, they wanted more of the bookings to go directly through their own website, rather than through external booking sites. Therefore, they also had a great need for a strong digital presence.

To meet this need, we created a digital strategy which consisted of targeted Google Ads and Meta Ads, strategic SEO work, a new website and video. Altogether, this should contribute to Go Hotels becoming the guests’ Go-To affordable hotel.

Compared to 15 months ago, Go Hotels has gained:

78Keywords in top 3 on Google

225%Increase in top 3-keywords on Google

121%Increase in link clicks from Meta Ads

Increased local visibility

When we travel, we love to look for inspiration for our destinations online. Therefore, it was possible to work with the broad keywords on Google and YouTube – also known as top funnel searches and longtail keywords.

Through local link building and starting a blog with tips and guides for tourists in Copenhagen, as well as targeted work with our Google Business Profile, we have been able to increase local visibility in Copenhagen.

When we started the SEO-work…

we had 67 keywords within the top 10 on Google. Today, 15 months later, we have 293 keywords in the top 10. That’s an increase of 337%. If we look at keywords in the top 3, we have gone from having 24 to now having 78 – an increase of 225%.

Thanks to advertising on Google, as well as the fact that we launched a YouTube initiative for increased visibility in December, Go Hotels also achieved a whopping 602% increase in exposures via Google Ads.

A unique and flexible concept 

As the company grows, it was also time for a new visual identity and website. One of the projects below has been to develop a unique and at the same time flexible graphic and animated concept that allows us to create new and relevant content – based on existing material – which contributes to better digital performance. 

At Go Hotels, we appreciate our collaboration with Generaxion. Thanks to a close dialogue with our skilled contact persons at the agency, we can already see a significant growth in awareness of our brand and increased turnover via our digital channels after a short period of cooperation.

Martin Blemsted, Sales- & Marketing Manager (Go Hotels)