What we did: E-mail marketing, Google Ads, SEO, SoMe Ads, Video

When you are a supplier of caviar, truffles, vanilla and other luxurious ingredients, the focal point in the marketing initiative is obvious. For us and GOURMET ENGROS, it was therefore about showing the products and the skilled people behind them in a way that does the quality and the work justice. Everything from movies to ads.

Only the best commodities

This is what GOURMET ENGROS stands for. With a focus on transparency, sustainability, trust, innovation and, of course, quality. Delivered to some of Scandinavia’s best restaurants. The concept was therefore in place right from the start – now it was just about digitizing it.

The main goal was cross-channel visibility. And with messages and visual material that matched GOURMET ENGROS’ identity and values. The strategy focused on SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, as well as a quality-oriented and a long-lasting film concept.

Caviar, vanilla, and truffles in focus

When it comes to quality commodities, these also had to be put in the spotlight. In addition to the completed brand film, caviar, truffles, and vanilla each had to be presented in full focus.

That’s why SoMe films were made in both 1:1 and 9:16 format for each of the three products, where experts from GOURMET ENGROS could go in depth with the history and quality. While they displayed the commodities themselves. It also created the solid foundation for a well-thought-out SoMe strategy.

The targeted Google Ads campaign

With films and photos in place, those ads could also be sent off into the world. GOURMET ENGROS had previously been successful with B2B sales. Therefore, the focus now had to be on B2C, to expand the customer base significantly.

Through targeted Google Search Ads and Google Shopping Ads, as well as continuous updating of the webshop, it was possible to target users who were just looking for the products that GOURMET ENGROS offers. And they quickly experienced an increase in B2C sales – and more B2B leads appeared at the same time.

Facebook Ads with results

Parallel to the Google campaign, a new Facebook Ads campaign was launched. Both with a focus on the company and on their product range. And the results were quickly felt, with low-cost leads, extremely high ROAS across the campaign and an impressively high number of conversions.

128ROAS on the Facebook campaign*

1.471Conversions attributed to the Facebook campaign*

* ROAS 128 = EUR 12,800 in revenue for every EUR 100 spent on advertising.
The calculations include both B2C and B2B sales.

Caviar in the search results

Among the search results, it’s not just about visibility – but about being visible in the right places. The SEO work with GOURMET ENGROS was therefore centered on hitting exactly the right audience on exactly the right searches. To begin with, the focus was exclusively on “caviar”-related searches.

The result speaks for itself: GOURMET ENGROS has advanced 12 places on the search “caviar”. And has experienced a significant increase in visitors to the Caviar product page, so that it is now their second most visited page on the webshop.

It was important to us that our digital marketing didn’t just present us as any food retailer. Our philosophy is to supply the best raw materials in the world – and that quality awareness should be the focus. Generaxion understood this immediately, and now we have a digital visibility that is completely in line with our values – and that clearly plays together.

Jacob Sigsgaard, GOURMET ENGROS (Owner and Director)