What we did: Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Video

“Build a culture of innovation”. Ideanote aims to strengthen companies’ innovative work so that good ideas are not lost in everyday life. Together with Ideanote, we produced an explainer film which goes in depth with the platform’s functions – supported by advertising on Google and LinkedIn.

It all starts with a good idea

In 2015, Ideanote was founded on a shared passion for innovative solutions and good ideas. In a global market, innovative thinking is more important than ever – therefore it is also essential that the leap from concept to action becomes smaller. So, the ideas can become reality.

The result: Ideanote. An innovation-driven growth platform for companies with good ideas at heart. With the platform, companies get a streamlined way to keep track of and develop ideas together, in a complete and accessible setup.

Together with Ideanote, we have activated campaigns on Google Ads, launched LinkedIn Ads – and created a film to explain the whole concept.

The Google Ads work for Ideanote has been characterized by close communication and a focus on conversions. And the results reflect the same (year to date compared to the same period in 2022).

+399%Conversions (after a budget increase of only 104.34%)

-59%Price per conversion

+63%Clickthrough rate

Explaining innovation

The explainer format is the perfect way for clear communication about your product. With a palette consisting of Ideanote’s identity, an explanatory and understandable script, as well as our Creative Studios animation team, we set about producing an explainer film that goes into detail about the features of Ideanote’s platform.

Ideanote has a vision to democratize access to innovation, and we’ve been looking for a partner who can help us spread our message. Working with Generaxion has helped us scale our ads at the right speed, in the right markets. We trust Generaxion when it comes to optimizing our budget. It has been a pleasure working with their in-house video production team – they are professional, fast and have done everything to stay on-brand.

Jakob S. Bo (CEO, Ideanote)