Kristian Juul

What we did: Google Ads, SoMe Ads

Kristian Juul has a goal to integrate electronic devices into the modern interior design in an aesthetic and functional way – inspired by traditional Scandinavian design. Along with their development, the desire to go from hobby to full-time business arose. Targeted advertisements and work towards increased digital visibility were therefore initiated.

From hobby to full-time

It all started back in 2019, when the brothers Mads Kristian Madsen and Magnus Juul Madsen tried to integrate their own television so that it fit into the interior. They searched in vain for an aesthetic, simple and functional solution, and ended up going to the drawing board themselves. Ideas sprouted, prototypes were created, and in the summer of 2020 it happened: their first TV stand, KAYA, was launched.

A lot has happened since then. The assortment has been expanded with another TV stand, vinyl furniture, sockets and accessories for all furniture – developed in the same quality materials and aesthetics. It was therefore time for the company to move on from being a hobby to being a full-time business.

Google Ads-strategy with aesthetics in focus 

Curious about what a professional agency could do for their success, they partnered with us for their digital marketing. A collaboration that led to a well-worked Google Ads strategy to boost things. In addition to Google Ads, focus was also on Meta Ads, which aimed to spread knowledge of Kristian Juul’s design universe. All with a focus on quality, elegance, minimalism and functionality.

The numbers speak for themselves when we compare with the previous period:

256 %Increase in conversion rate

97 %Increase in POAS

165 %Increase in revenue in Google Ads

– and with an increase in spend of only 10%

The turnover and number of orders from Google Ads more than doubled compared to the previous period – despite only a small increase in spending for advertising of approximately 10%.

The targeted advertising and optimization of the advertising material also increased the conversion rate significantly by 256.49%. In the end, the overall optimizations of Google Ads gave Kristian Juul a doubling of the profit on each sale via Google Ads, as POAS (Profit on Ad Spend) increased by a good 97%.

Know from TV

In January 2024, you could meet Kristian Juul’s timeless design on TV, where the brothers took part in a popular Danish investment TV programme. Investors Morten Larsen and Tahir Siddique were very impressed by the products and their significant development, and therefore both chose to invest in the company.

Have you become curious about Kristian Juul and the minimalist design universe? Then take a look at their website.

As a startup, value for money is incredibly important, as there is no room to take unnecessary risks. For this reason, we decided to collaborate with Generaxion – an agency with solid data, a high level of knowledge and an organized team structure, which has welcomed us in a particularly positive way. Despite our modest beginnings, with Generaxion’s help, we have managed to grow. We are extremely pleased with the way Generaxion communicates our message and their support has been critical to our success. We are sure that this will continue to be an important driving force for our growth and success as a startup.

Magnus Juul Madsen, CEO (Kristian Juul)