What we did: Digital Strategy, Website

“What does my money go to?”. That was the question the Danish nature fund, Naturfonden, wanted to answer – concretely. So the value in each donation could be seen clearly. That’s why Rommel, a part of the Generaxion Group, designed an interactive website where you can see the exact nature area that your donation has gone to.

The Danish Nature fund

Danish nature is in decline. And since 2015, Naturfonden has worked to reverse this development. They do this by creating more habitats for animals and plants, which can then be supported through donations. In this way, nature can continue to live in the best of health – and everyone, now and in the future, can have great nature experiences.

But it is important that each donation feels meaningful to the contributor. Regardless of size. That is why Naturfonden wanted a platform where transparency was top notch, so that each donor could get an impression of how they contribute to the Danish nature. Together with Rommel, a part of the Generaxion Group, work began on developing a platform for exactly that purpose: “My Nature”.

Where does my donation end up?

At My Nature you will get a very specific answer to that question. Here you can see exactly which natural area your donation has gone to – and which other natural areas are also supported by the Nature Foundation. In addition, you can read more about the area you have donated to, as well as gain access to knowledge, news, quizzes, and competitions.

The headline of it all?Transparency. Both in relation to what the donations go to – and how the Nature Foundation works with nature conservation. It should all contribute to making each donation feel as meaningful as it is.

For the same reason, My Nature can also only be accessed if you donate. It is not a platform that should tempt and persuade – it should inspire and inform.

From purpose to product

Naturfonden has two core objectives: to work to improve the state of nature and the water environment in Denmark. And to strengthen the support of the work with nature restoration and protection. Both purposes are now strengthened by a platform that is fully integrated with Naturfonden’s CRM system – and which in all its facets works to update, inform, and inspire.

Every donation to Naturfonden makes a big difference, and we wanted to make that clear on our website. So, when Rommel proposed the new system, it made perfect sense for our purposes as a fund. From start to finish, the collaboration on My Nature has been smooth and with good communication at all stages of the process, and this has given us a complete donation platform that matches what we work for one-to-one.

Maya Schuster (Naturfonden)