What we did: Brand concept, Digital Strategy, Website

Nelipyörä Oy was established when three car dealers merged into one new company in 2020. Nelipyörä operates in five different cities in Finland. Our cooperation started with creating a brand strategy, visual identity, and website.


Following the planning, creation, and launch of the new brand and website, our experts initiated digital marketing activities. In the first phase of marketing the new brand, Google Ads campaigns were the primary means to increase awareness among potential customers. After only 6 months of campaign activities, our digital market research showed that Nelipyörä was the second most recognized car dealer brand in their target area. 

From launch to continuous digital marketing 

After the successful market launch, digital marketing activities were expanded to cover display marketing and social media channels as well. The marketing performance was on a good level right from the start, but Facebook dynamic ads, suggested by our experts, really hit the spot: the ads reached an unbelievable 7.5% click-through rate. The audience was exceptionally engaged in learning about the details of the promoted cars. 

Website boosting sales

Throughout our cooperation, the audience attracted to Nelipyörä’s website through marketing has either reached or exceeded the numerative and qualitative goals set. The role of the website in Nelipyörä’s sales process has grown above and beyond our client’s expectations.