What we did: Digital Strategy, Google Ads, SoMe Ads, Video

The goal was clear when NODA began their journey with Generaxion: video ads full of identity. The result was three videos, each of which accurately present their brand: modern, colorful – and not a soda.

When we began working with Generaxion, our wish was to communicate Noda’s values in a way that both suited and explained the brand. Noda has a serious mission, but we are also a fun, new and different product. And Generaxion understood that right away. Now we have three slick video ads that in the sharpest way possible present our product and our identity – and that we can use again and again.

Mette Hardie, Noda (Co-Founder)

When videos become fireworks

The videos were to be short, simple and full of identity. Effective explosions of color that present both the soft drink and their brand, and with natural motifs that are in line with their focus on sustainability. Each video begins with a playful question – and ends with their most important message: that NODA is not a soda.

  • 3 videos for social media, website, etc.
  • Focus on brand awareness and product communication
  • Two aspect ratios (1:1 and 16:9) to give the videos universal use