Pernod Ricard Finland

What we did: Website

Pernod Ricard Finland, part of the world’s second-largest player in the spirits business Pernod Ricard, has centralized their digital presence in Finland on a website that serves as a source of inspiration for consumers from different areas of interest. The site also has an exclusive section serving the needs of professionals in the hospitality industry.

The primary focus of the website design was accommodating different consumer needs based on how they use the website, with easy navigation on mobile devices being a central aspect of this. Besides the visual design, we implemented universally useful search functions that make it easy to find recipes, product groups, trends, etc.

The new website was designed to also meet Pernod Ricard Finland’s needs for a marketing and sales platform. We’ve made it easy for administrators of the website to implement new thematic elements from previously made content, use the website as a platform for digital campaigns, and react accordingly to overall changes in the market.

Working with Generaxion has been efficient and easy. The process of designing the new website was smooth as butter: professional and on time. It feels like working as one, unified team. It’s a pleasure to work with top experts and pioneers in digital creative work.

Kaisa Kavekari, Brand Manager Wines, Pernod Ricard Finland Ltd.