Stop guessing: the road to a digital strategy

Digital marketing is in constant rush-hour 

All businesses are online. It is in the digital world that most consumers and companies find out where they want to be customers. This has changed the rules significantly when compared to digital marketing 10 or 15 years ago.  

It is no longer enough to press the start-button and sit back. Because everyone can do it. The requirements and expectations for companies’ online offers and availability are growing, so if you want to be at the forefront of the digital field, it’s about taking strategic action.  

We call that a digital strategy. 

Are you only “present”?  

By that we mean: have you thought about your online presence? Because guesswork and crossed fingers are rarely enough.

A digital strategy is calculated. Based on data. 

Each step in your digital journey must therefore be a conscious decision – with a goal in mind. Regardless of whether it is SoMe activity targeting your ideal customer segment, SEO work concentrated on your core services or products, or a website that matches the digital behavior of your customers. 

Ultimately, it’s about not wasting your resources on marketing that doesn’t work, and the only way to get there is through strategy.

It’s about the destination 

There’s not much point in laying rails if it’s just about getting the train to move. You must know where you are going. And this is rarely just a single destination.

Digital strategy is about goals. You shouldn’t just be on Instagram because your competitors are – you need to know what you want with your Instagram posts. You must know what you want with your ads and what journey your customers will go through on your website.

In other words: you must be aware of your marketing goals. They are the ones who set the agenda for your digital strategy.

Know and select your stations

Digital marketing in 2023 is an ocean of platforms, media, systems and more. The modern user makes use of both search engines, social media, e-mails, video services and much more in their daily life. And they don’t just click on anything.

If your digital strategy is to succeed, you need to get that part under control. Your “stations”. This includes your social channels, your advertising accounts, your website, your email marketing and more. Some of them are perhaps already living at the forefront of your consciousness – but perhaps your company has a channel that has been somewhat forgotten.

A newsletter, a landing page, or a Twitter account, perhaps. 

Go to your desk and get an overview of which channels you have at your disposal. This is the kind of overview you will need when each marketing initiative must be devised. And make sure everything on the list is there for a reason.

It all must be seen as routes that your potential customers can use to get to your company. Control over your marketing comes from knowing exactly what those routes look like, so you can plan accordingly.

Break the habits – and create success  

When was the last time you questioned your digital marketing?

The golden rule when creating your digital strategy is: everything can be in play. Although it is not everything in your marketing that you need to change, it is important to be ready to break your digital habits. A digital strategy depends on all the elements being connected. 

Maybe you already think carefully about how your website is designed – but not about how your ads support it. Or it could be that you spend a lot of resources on your company’s Facebook account, when your customer segment is primarily on Instagram or Snapchat.

This is where the difference between “being present online” and being strategically digital lies.