Digital marketing is a global phenomenon. And so are you. 
This is for the next generation of digital people.

New sights

The next wave of digital marketing is global. Just like you. And for a while, an office can be anywhere. Take your work abroad and experience places, atmospheres, and cultures in ways you’ve never seen them before.

New people

As long as the job fits the suitcase, anyone can get a taste of the digital nomad life. Take your digital skills abroad and work side-by-side with colleagues you may not see every day. A unique working experience.

New groove

Fresh surroundings create fresh routines. Sightseeing en route to work, lunch in the sun, and cultural deep dives as the night arrives. Your weeks working abroad will create memories not available anywhere else.

A global generation
of digital people

Wanderlust. A word from German that simply translates to “the desire for travelling”. And one that we fully understand. We want to make it possible to realize two goals: exploring the world and creating digital results for ambitious customers. Simultaneously.

We offer our colleagues the chance to temporarily transfer their daily routines to Anywhere Camps throughout the world. A unique work life with colleagues you don’t usually see every day – and experiences like none other.

And the practicalities? Don’t worry – we’re helping all the way. From office space and apartment, to travel planning and preparations.

Don’t take it from us. We’ll let our colleagues talk.

Kaisu (Senior Copywriter)

Allan (Group CEO)

Marie (SEA Team Manager)

Generaxion Anywhere has been a completely unforgettable experience. The opportunity to work abroad strengthens the bond between colleagues across offices, but it also provides an experience that is not available at many other companies. An experience that strengthens you both socially and professionally.

Daniel Frostholm Skjærbæk, SEO Consultant (Generaxion Denmark)

This is how Generaxion.anywhere works

Step 1


It’s not about the destination – it’s about the journey. But the destination is also pretty exciting. Generaxion finds the city, office, and date, so the crucial practicalities are taken care off right off the bat.

Step 2


If your job fits the suitcase, you’re ready to work from anywhere – you don’t need any other reason to go.

Step 3

Prepare accordingly

An exciting adventure awaits, so preparations are in order. Attractions to see, activities to do – perhaps there’s even time to learn a phrase or two in the local language.

Step 4

Pack your bags

Pack your suitcase (make room for memories) and head to the airport to meet with your colleagues. Your new work life is waiting at the other end of the trip.

Step 5

Your new groove

Meet new colleagues. Experience new cultures. Gain new memories.