An unusual story about a pretty unusual company

Our DNA contains a story. A story of ambitions, drive and a truly special community. We think it’s a story worth telling – with details and colors. So we wrote a book. A full-sized one.

The Making of A New Generaxion.

The numbers are not the company

We believe we’re more than a graph could sufficiently explain. A company is a dynamic whole built through a complex journey.

It’s not a simple story, but rather a comprehensive tale. About the past, present and future of our digital group.

We call it Evolution, Transformation og Acceleration.

Every story has a beginning. Ours began with a vision of taking the next step in digital marketing.

Nine different companies in three countries. Fragmented in practice, yet united through shared ambitions.

Evolution is about looking back at the things that shaped us. The pieces of our puzzle.

Our common goals, across borders, was to walk towards the new digital reality. A reality that was on its way everyday, motivating us to be prepared. Two steps ahead.

That part of our story is a chapter about new tech, new approaches and new ideas. About creating something that welcomes a new era. Under one name.

Our Transformation into something bigger than the sum of its parts.

We’re looking towards the future. Not just occassionally but always.

To us, it’s all about being courageous and mobile at all times. The digital market is expanding rapidly, so we’ll do the same. We want to think bigger and newer – and never act purely on old habits.

Acceleration is the final chapter of the book, but it’s not period. Because the journey is still happening.

Empty space on your bookshelf?

We’ve detailed our story so we can share it. With colleagues and family. With partners. With you.

Is your bookshelf in need of The Making of a New Generaxion?