Digital marketing is a global phenomenon. And so are you. 
This is for the next generation of freelancers.


The next wave of digital marketing is global. Any place can be your next office. And your digital marketing skills are needed. We’ve got the tasks – and you pick an office view of your choice.


This is for the next generation of freelancers. Whether you’re a skilled Google Ads Specialist – or you simply have a drive for digital marketing. We’re looking for your talent.


We prioritize your flexibility. Have you just found your dream location – or do you need some work to pay for the next train tickets? Do you only work at night? You decide how your days look.

A global generation
of digital people

You don’t need to stay at home to be a part of a result-driven community. The next generation of digital people is global – just like you.

We’re looking for digital nomads with digital skills. People who want to work with digital marketing tasks for ambitious customers. Anywhere.

We’ll help you get started as a digital nomad – unless you already know what you’re doing. All you need is a laptop and a stable Wi-Fi connection. We provide the work.

This is how you join Generaxion.anywhere

Step 1


Tell us about your digital skills. Just scroll
a bit and you’ll find the Apply button.

Step 2

Keep an eye on your phone

We’ll call all relevant candidates to set up
the first interview. That might very well be you.

Step 3

Have a talk with us

About you, work hours, tasks. About expectations
– yours and ours. Let’s get to know each other.

Step 4

The handshake

If it’s a match, we’ll be ready with everything
you need to know before you begin. And we’ll be excited to
welcome you to the Generaxion community.

Step 5

Pack your bags

You decide the office view. You can find
inspiration for your Generaxion.anywhere
location at the bottom of this page.

Get ready for your journey as a demand
driver. Anywhere.

Ready to join Generaxion.anywhere?

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1. Equipment

Make sure that you have the necessary equipment for working remote. A laptop and stable WiFi-connection are necessities – but a good duffel bag, a power bank and even an external monitor goes a long way. For a better internet connection, consider looking into local co-working spaces.

2. Phone plan

Find a suitable phone plan. That way, you won’t be fully reliant on WiFi-connection to be available – not only to colleagues, but also friends and family.

3. Taxes

As a digital nomad, you typically pay the tax of your country of residence. However, depending on the country in which you’re working, additional rules and regulations may apply. Read up on these before going.

4. Insurance

Get your insurance in check. Travel insurance is essential for digital nomads, and there are even insurance plans made specifically for the digital nomad lifestyle. Traveling Lifestyle has a useful overview of insurance plans.

5. Visa

It’s illegal to work in a foreign country without a visa. Fortunately, many countries offer digital nomad visas that allow you to work remotely in that country. On Visaguide, you can see a list of countries offering digital nomad visas.

6. Economy

Be aware that economic circumstances change from country to country. Not only in terms of the specific currency, but also ATM availability and card payment opportunities. You can learn more about which countries still prefer cash over card here.

7. Limit expenses

Especially those that don’t offer you anything while abroad. Cancel or pause unnecessary subscriptions, get an overview of potential loan payments and consider whether renting out your current living space could be an option. The point is: make space in your economy for what’s important.

8. Self-discipline

This is a vital quality to possess and cultivate. As a digital nomad, you’re responsible for planning and managing your schedule everyday. Being efficient about planning your day also makes more time for experiencing the culture around you.

To be in charge of your own time comes with a lot of challenges. But being able to create a life on your own conditions is also one of the most beautiful things you can experience.

Victoria & Alexander, Nordombord

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